200 ml
cod. REP007

Heating thermo-cream that stimulates microcirculation by improving tissue oxygenation and increases cellular metabolism in correspondence with adipose areas. It improves the typical appearance of orange peel skin linked to the imperfection of cellulite, promotes tissue vasodilation and gives the legs a greater sensation of compactness and superficial skin smoothness.

The product contains vasodilating substances which cause heat, redness and burning according to the modalities foreseen by the functionality of the product; in case of excessive sensitization or discomfort, rinse the affected areas with cold water; if effects persist contact a doctor. Avoid contact with eyes, wash your hands thoroughly after using the product, do not use on subjects with sensitive and / or damaged skin, keep out of reach of children. Do not apply in cases of capillary fragility, varicose veins, broken and evident capillaries.

Intense lipolytic action
Smoothing effect against orange peel
Thermo-heating effect

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